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"Errror: USB Setup Failed" Message
I am trying to play Tidal songs through my Audioquest USB Dragon Fly Red.  I keep gettting "Errror: USB Setup Failed" message.  I have a Samsung Android Tablet 8.

What do I need to do?  It seems an update is causing my problems.  Also, I wanted to connect the DragonFly through a Audioquest Jitterbug to the Tablet, but I was getting dropouts and stopped using it.

You could try 4.2.0, but these messages are usually due to power or Android holding on to the driver. Nothing was changed in the USB section for probably a year.
Can you explain what you mean by Android holding on to the driver?
There can only be one driver active at a time. If the USB audio driver from Android holds on to the driver, then UAPP cannot use it. Mostly, detaching and re-attaching the DAC solves it. Make sure you don't try to exit the app by using the X in the recent activities screen.

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