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Volume Steps

I'm quite pleased of the new release improvements, UAPP is now definitely my preferred music player.

There is only one feature that I really miss from it, that is, the increment of the number of Volume Steps.
I know that this option is available since several releases ago, but it actually only works with an external USB Dac/Amp.
Since my new smartphone has an internal Hi-Res Dac, there is no reason for me to use an external device since  the sound
delivered by my phone is as good as the one I get using my USB Dac (ibasso dzero mkII).

However, I recently discovered that the new "Poweramp Alpha" music player is able to do that as an experimental feature:
it is possible to choose the number of steps (system default, 30, 50, 76, 100) and then the volume can be easily controlled
by the volume buttons on the phone.
By activating this feature a warning appears saying that "the volume icon may look like Remote Media",
and in fact this is exactly what happens on my Htc10 (see screenshot).

I don't know if this could be an hint about the trick they use to increase the volume steps without root.

kind regards,

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