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ape/cue is NOT gapless
Before each track (except 1) a piece of previous track is played. 
So the end of previous track is played twice. Maybe 100 or 200 ms, hard to say.

CUE file contains just INDEX 01 for each track (no strange indices).
When APE is converted to FLAC there is no problem. 
So both APE and CUE files are OK, the problem always happens to APE and never happens to FLAC.
We just tried with an APE and CUE here and it's perfectly gapless. if you can, please share us the files through a cloud service so we can check or wait until 4.2.6 is out in case we accidentally fixed something.
I created test file:
It's a swiping tone cut to 15-second tracks so it's impossible not to hear a gap.
(To play it via network it is necessary to decrease Network buffer size to 5 seconds, otherwise "can't decode").

So my test results are:
1. The problem is reproducible on both network and local folder, both TV box with USB DAC and mobile phone with direct driver
2. If you just start cue playback and don't touch it you will hear gap only after track 1, the rest is OK
3. If you jump to a middle of a track you will hear gap after that track
4. If you jump to the beginning of a track - no problem
5. The same behavior in 100% of attempts
Please reply: did you reproduce the problem? Any chance to get it fixed?

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