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Trial Version only in Mono?
Testing out the trial version of USB Audio Recorder with a stereo mic connected via OTG to an Android device, Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I'm seeing the option to record a stereo input under I/O, but am being allowed access to change it from mono to stereo. When touching "Mono 1" to change it, the drop down arrow simply disappears. Is this a limitation of the trial, or what else could be causing this?

Many thanks in advance.
No, it's not a limitation of the trial. Which USB mic do you have?
Thank you for the swift response. My various stereo mics (binaurals, stereo clip mics, all small condensers) are not USB, and so I was attempting to find the proper way to utilize them with a smartphone, a Galaxy Note 5. Perhaps what I've read on the subject, was misinterpreted. Is it not possible to use an OTG, and with an external usb mic/headphone device, to reach a stereo pathway into the phone (possible only through the usb port, as there's no stereo input through the basic headphone/mic jack on the phone).

I imagine another interface is missing. Please assist. Thank you.

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