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Qobuz genres
Hi. I have a bit of a habit whereby I browse all the new releases on Qobuz every week, one genre at a time. The desktop, android app and browser versions of Qobuz, all allow this, but when accessing Qobuz via USB Audio player (the only way my Chord Mojo will play back audio from the phone), everything is lumped together and there is only a limited number of that weeks new releases available.

Are there any plans for the USB Audio version of Qobuz to gain this sort of functionality or is it always going to be a bit of a stripped-down version of the native versions? Thanks.

First post here, thank you for a great work and awesome app.

Got an update today and saw a feature in changelog that I was waiting for for a long time. "Genres selction to Qobuz". But I can't find that tab in app? Is it hidden somewhere?


Changelog from the latest version comes with Qobuz genre selection. I can't find it. Where should I look?


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