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HTC 10 Setup
Hi folks so ive just picked up a HTC 10 mainly because of its onbaord internal DAC, now im a Newbie to all of this but wish to know 
#1 why does this app make music sound the best with phones with dedicated DAC'S compared to other music players etc ?
#2 what settings in the menus do i check or uncheck for best quality playback etc

thx in advance.
Because it uses a direct path to the audio driver. 99% of all music players are just a user interface on the same Android media player API and do not decode audio themselves. The Android media player often uses lower quality decoding, software volume, resampling and mixes audio with other audio streams. UAPP decodes in high quality or even bit-perfect and feeds the 24-bit audio directly to the driver without anything in between.

You do not need to check any menu items.
Hi does the benefits of this app and the DAC inside the HTC 10 work with bluetooth aswell ?
If there is any change it would be very limited since BT is compressed anyway

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