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Can not seek accurately in super large mp3 file
Anyone notice that with v4.3.5 the seek position is not accurate when starting to play a large mp3 file?

How to reproduce:
1. find a large mp3 file in folder and play it, the mp3 song I am playing is 3 hour 52min long (file size 558,870,656 bytes)
2. Try to seek to 45-60 minutes, ie. drag the seek pointer about 1/5 the way to the right
3. the player pauses and the seek position moves to 45 minutes, but the part being played is still in the same place, first song
4. joggle back and forth during the first hour and the play just keeps playing where it's playing and not seeking anywhere at all, unless you seek more than 50% of the song duration.

Thanks for reading.
That's a known issue indeed. Unfortunately we are not able to solve it. The problem goes deep into ffmpeg and seems to be a 32/64-bit problem somewhere.
Thanks for the info. I updated the player to v5.x and the problem is still there when playing a super large mp3 file such as A State of Trance Episode 895 XXL (Top 50 of 2018).mp3. Seeking is still not working anywhere in the beginning first hour.

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