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SDCard, Android 8.0.0
Davy, I've encountered a problem while trying to save recordings to the SD card in a Moto Z.  The phone was just updated to Android 8.0.0 although I don't know if that is the trigger of the issue .

Starting with USB Audio Recorder Pro uninstalled, its folders purged, a formatted 64GB SD card inserted and the phone rebooted, I installed UARPro v1.4.3 from Google Play Store.  I then found that the Storage Directory had been assigned to /storage/emulated/0/USBAudioRecorderPRO which appears to be internal storage.  Note there is no AudioEvolution in the pathname.  Recording and playback, and directory and file browsing within internal storage all work fine.

When attempting to change the storage directory assignment to the external SD card, the PREFS/StorageDirectory dialog offers /mnt/sdcard and /storage/*apparentUUID*/Android/data/com.exstreamsd.usbaudiorecorderpro.
  • Selecting /mnt/sdcard yields a current storage directory assignment of /mnt/sdcard/AudioEvolution (not USBAudioRecorderPro); recording then puts the file in <dir>sdcard/AudioEvolution/Recordings.  Although a USBAudioRecorderPro directory structure was also built in internal storage, no recordings appear there, only in <dir>sdcard/AudioEvolution.
  • Selecting /storage/*apparentUUID*/Android/data/com.exstreamsd.usbaudiorecorderpro yields a current assignment of /storage/*apparentUUID*/Android/data/com.exstreamsd.usbaudiorecorderpro/AudioEvolution.  Tapping MAIN then shows (in my case) some 60+GB of free space and, after making a short recording, its filename appears to be correct (if one disregards the AudioEvolution in the path), e.g. /storage/*apparentUUID*/Android/data/com.exstreamsd.usbaudiorecorderpro/AudioEvolution/Recordings/Record_2018_07_17....wav and that file can be played and, using other file tools, the file can be seen stored on the external SD card.  If, however, one taps the folder to the left of the filename on the MAIN screen, the filename displayed is of an internal storage recording; I can find no path or link to the SD card in the internal storage directory tree and selecting /storage/*apparentUUID*/Android/data/com.exstreamsd.usbaudiorecorderpro again in PREFS/StorageDirectory doesn't help.
Q: Are /mnt/sdcard and /storage/emulated/0/USBAudioRecorderPRO] equivalent internal storage location expressions?
Q: How can I properly use an external SD card with USB Audio Recorder Pro?

Thanks for your help.
Cape Coral

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