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Unable to connect to Network station ("Network failure")
I'm trying to use USB Audio Player PRO for listening music from local folder on my Windows PC (Windows 7) through Wi-Fi.
My Android device is Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) (Android 7.0).
Settings on my Windows PC are:
- one user (with administrator rights), no password for login the system;
- home profile for network;
- turned on network discovery and file and printer sharing;
- the specific folder is shared with "Everyone" and with "Guest";
- SMBv1 is turned off.
- Ports 135, 139, 445, 1024-1035 are blocked by firewall.

After all that setup my Android device is successfully connected to this specific shared folder through file manager ("X-plore") over SMBv2.
Also I tried to use DLNA (in USB Audio Player PRO also) - it is working.

But when I try to connect to Network station in USB Audio Player PRO, I just got message: "Network failure. Failed to connect:<00>/192.168.XX.XX".
I was trying to use user name "Guest" or none. Also I was trying to use the user name of my Windows PC user. But without any success.
Adress: "smb://192.168.XX.XX".
I don't understand what is wrong!

I'll be so grateful for help in this case!
Please enable SMB v1, UAPP does not support anything else.
Thank You very much for Your answer, dwrae!
Network playback started normally after turning on SMBv1.
And it is working fantastic!
Now I'm worried only about one thing - unsafety of SMBv1 protocol...
Is there any plans for using SMBv2 for network playback in USB Audio Player PRO? Or it is impossible technically?
In any case, this function is very useful. So let it be over SMBv1 at least.
It's possible, but requires a lot of effort

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