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Feature request: Output music to other network players(renderers) via DLNA/UPnP
Feature request: Function to output music to other network players (renderers) via DLNA / UPnP


Hi guys~! I am a user who has recently discovered UAPP and is using it very usefully.

Now..I intend to make the following system configuration at my Home

NAS(Media Server) - Tablet(UAPP, Media Player) - Network Player(WXC-50 or NODE2 etc, Media Renderer support DLNA) - DAC(CMA400i) - AMP - Speaker


Tidal(Streaming Server)- Tablet(UAPP, Media Player) -  DAP(XDP-300R with UAPP, Media Renderer) - DAC(CMA400i) - AMP - Headphone

However, UAPP does not have the ability to transfer music to other DLNA / UPnP renderers, so it's inconvenient to use other apps such as Bubble UPnP in my Tablet instead of UAPP.

If UAPP also adds the function to transfer music to other DLNA / UPnP renderers like Bubble UPnP,
it could be a perfect network player application!!

thanks a lot~

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