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Best settings for Chord Hugo 2 / LG G5 + B&O
I am using an Android phone (LG G5) with UAPP into an Chord Hugo 2 DAC and just want to confirm I have the settings for optimum sound quality.

In settings I have selected following:
Internal Audio Driver->original android driver
Usb audio->bit perfect mode
Usb volume control->none
Usb audio tweaks:
Bus speed-> high speed (usb 2.0)
Buffer size->100 milliseconds

Are these the best settings or should I use some usb tweak like usb tweak 2 for USB2 DACS or tweak for devices with root access? Should I use higher buffer size or other than "high speed" setting on bus speed?

How about same question with my LG G5 connected to B&O hifi DAC? Are the best settings for Hugo 2 optimal for B&O hifi DAC as well?

Many thanks for any guidance:)
I think the Hugo does not have a physical volume control, so you should set the volume control to hardware. Please set bus speed to automatic and the buffer size to 200 or 400 milliseconds and enable 'USB tweak 2'. Same settings are good for the B&O DAC.
Thanks for great advice, I try these settings tomorrow.

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