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LG G4 capabilitie
Hi, everyone!
Have you tried to use this App with th LG G4, Andriod version 6.0 mobile? This is latest official software for this mobile!
I want to use this mobile as a transport to my KENWOOD car system which has USB port and there's no way to listen music directly!
My family mambers have Samsung Galaxy S7 ans J3Pro and both of them work properly as a direct tranport to USB of my car system with no any additional software! 

By the way... i've got special ONKYO HF Player APP which i downloaded into my LG G4 mibile and i've bought ONKYO DAC200 device.
Both work using USB cable and sound perfectly at the In Ear Monitors, but i stoped listening this bundle because sound gets slower sometime! Music comes out like an damaged audio casset sounded in 90th! I don't really know what is the main problem, but guess that G4 mobile processor is to weak for such performance!

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