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Pure stream to Chromecast Audio
Hello you all. I would know if the UAPP can stream local files audio on my android phone without resampling them, I mean if I have a FLAC 24/192 KHz and I stream it to a CCA, I would see on my external DAC display the real sampling frequency of the original audio file. I'll buy the app if I can stream in a bit perfect mode my music library.

There is no cast functionality in the app
I think if you have android phone and you "mirror" it to chromecast, you can "cast" any audio played from your phone.

I dont understand why chromecast mirroring wouldn't be bit perfect. Im using chromecast with optical cable to deliver audio to chord hugo 2 dac so chromecast kind of acts like digital to digital converter.
When I "casted" 24bit 96khz track, chord hugo flashed green indicating that sample rate is playing and I believe it is bit perfect.

My question about this topic is that should I use "original android driver" or "Hires direct driver" when playing chord hugo with chromecast and optical(toslink) cable? When playing with that setup, app says "android", but when using chord hugo with usb, app says "DAC". If chromecast-toslink-hugo is played as "android", does that mean that audio is limited to 24bit 96khz? Should I use "hires direct driver"? How about hires driver flags? Probably better to leave untouched to let app use optimal settings?

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