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Android Specs for Audio Evolution Mobile 4.8.2
Hello. I have been using Audio Evolution Mobile for Android for approximately 4 years. 

My device of choice was initially a Samsung Galaxy S4, interfaced through a Behringer Q502USB mixer via a micro USB OTG cable. It was satisfactory, though the connection could easily be disrupted if the OTG cable was moved due to poor charging port design on the Samsung S4. 

I then migrated to the Google Pixel phone, using the included USB-C/USB OTG adapter to the same Behringer Q502USB mixer. For two years it has been incredibly reliable and stable.

Now, due to poor eyesight and age, I am considering moving to an Android tablet for an easier time recording. 

What minimum specs should I be considering on the tablet to assure continued reliability? I know there is a Supported Android Device list, but with so many legacy devices on the list, it is not effective for a device search.


Thanks in advance for any input on my question!
Unfortunately, OS, RAM, and CPU GHz have little relation to the reliability of recording on Android. What matters most is the chipset and kernel drivers. I can recommend a Galaxy Tab S3.

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