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(Easy) GUI updates to make Remote Controls work too!
Now using USB Audio Player Pro for some time on media players/smart TV.

Tried various options for controlling the APP without a touch screen and come to the conclusion that it is fairly simple to make operations fully work using a standard Remote Control. Now it partially works in an unfriendly way.

The Remote Control may be IR, RF or BT based as that does not make an actual difference here. To start with all remote controls have:
- A navigation island with up/down/left/right/OK buttons
- Return and Menu buttons close to the navigation island
With these it should be possible to fully operate the APP. This is the simple goal of this request. 

What is needed and or desired:
- It is not so easy to always see on which item/icon/row the remote control is positioned. The color contrast change for the selected/highlighted item is not distinctive enough. For touch operation this hardly matters but using a remote it is essential to always quick and easy see where you are.
- Almost all screen fields/areas re-acting on a touch can be selected also using a remote. There are 3 important exceptions to this:
   A) The most important control is changing from browser view to main audio player view which is done by touching the bottom center area.
        Strange enough there is no field created for this which is accessible by the remote. Only a mouse function will work here for now.
        Obviously this control is dearly missing.
   B) In file browser mode at the right there are icons on each row for accessing file operation options. These neither can be reached using a remote.
       Again a mouse operation is the only way to get that window opened.
   C) In player mode the Playlist can be opened but next individual tracks can't be accessed. Once more a (pointer) mouse must be used to do the trick.
- It would be nice to regroup all control icons on the bottom in a single group on the center. They are now Left (List mode), Center (player controls) and Right (Shuffle mode). In Portrait this does not matter as they are close to each other but in Landscape on a (very) big screen they are very much apart.

The good news is that these changes seem easy enough to implement and without affecting current users of Smart Phones (in Portrait mode) at all. No negative side-effects as far as I can see just quick wins.

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