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USB APP playing Tidal repeats 1 sec at end of songs
Using USB APP with Tidal and an Audioquest Dragonfly Red. As of a couple months ago, I always hear about one second or less of the end of each tune again, after the tune has ended the first time, just prior to the next tune starting.

It didn't use to do this, and while I am not using the default settings (there are so many and I tried different ones a year ago and left these non-default settings), I didn't change any settings around the time this started.

It may not happen on a strong wifi connection; perhaps only on an an LTE 4G (Sprint) connection that's decent but not the best. But again, I didn't used to have this problem, and though I might have had glitching at times during tracks, I never have that now, but always at this one location (gym) have the brief ending repeat.

Any ideas of things I could try?

Many thanks,


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