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WavPack decompression for DSD (WV DSF-tracks)
DST is Philips proprietary compression for DFF but there is also WavPack (WV as the file extension) which is an Open Standard but is less efficient (similar ratio to FLAC). 

WavPack compresses both PCM (WAV) and DSD (DSF) tracks and supports more PCM variants than FLAC. Settle for that one too. With WavPack one also can do his own conversions/compression's.

In the players specifications (see copy below) USB Audio Player PRO both WavPack and DSD is supported but apparently not in the combination WV (=WavPack -DSF)!  [Image: cry.png]


Supporting USB audio DACs to play audio files up to 32-bit resolution at any sample rate! Will play any popular format including wav, flac, wavpack, ape, mp3 and DSD files. This app is a must have for every HiFi enthusiast, bypassing all audio limits of Android. 

A bit strange this is not supported as DSD => PCM (down-scaling) can be done real-time. There are even music players that do PCM => DSD (upscaling). Decompressing WavPack should then not be a problem as it is less processor intensive and already included for PCM.

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