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Please add real-time DSP conversion for PCM => DSD
Please consider adding real-time conversion of PCM output to DSD output. 

This is realized by Onkyo HF Player as one of its DSP options and I am frankly surprised by the practical experience using it. Even my MP3's do sound more natural (clearer and crispier) that way. The feature can be turned ON/OFF in setup with a single click, so doing blind testing is very easy to try. Also my guests do perceive the same audio quality difference so for sure it is not just me!

The fact that true DSD conversions do not use/need any complex digital filtering may be crucial here? I am using a SABRE ESS9038 PRO based DAC for listening with DSD Low Pass filtering set at 60 kHz.

For the time being moved over to Onkyo HF Player as my music player of preference for this unique feature.

I am wondering if I get a reaction on this request as it remains extreme silent here.
We have no knowledge on converting PCM to DSD, so unfortunately we cannot make this feature.
Thanks for the quick and open answer, it is highly appreciated. Not total surprised but a bit disappointed yes. I wonder then if it is an Onkyo private algorithm being used? It is highly CPU intensive for sure.

Must say I never heard before using that APP of the existence of a real-time conversion of PCM => DSD. Found a batch mode program here (did not try myself)
But for anyone who wants to give it a try " PCM => DSD conversion it is very surprising and rewarding" at least with state-of-the-art DSD capable DAC's. I see similar reports on various places. DSD appears to be getting a second life.

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