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MQA plays at wrong samplerate
I have an Xperia XZ1 compact and a Chord Mojo connected via an OTC USB cable. Playback of 352.8kHz flac files works fine, even from my NAS across the network.
I have purchased the MQA decoder plugin and with some MQA files I have it plays fine. It does the first unfold and plays the file back at the samplerate indicated on the now playing screen to the right of the MQA logo.
However several files do not play back correctly:
The rip of the MQA CD of Inside the Moment by Camille Thurman is supposed to expand to 16/176.4. However it plays back at 44.1kHz and the pitch is far too low. Camille Thurman sounds like Barry White. Same with the MQA CD of The Raven by Rebecca Pidgeon.
When played on a laptop through Roon to the Mojo via USB, the two MQA CDs expand to 88.2kHz and play back at the correct pitch. I assume this is what is supposed to happen, as the Chord Mojo is not MQA capable and does not do the second unfold to 176.4kHz.
I thought MQA was supposed to ensure that the playback chain end to end ensures authenticated ilstening quality as intended by the artist. Am I doing something wrong here with UAAP?
Please send the track to We'll then forward it to MQA for investigation.
(12-21-2018, 04:01 PM)dwrae Wrote: Please send the track to We'll then forward it to MQA for investigation.

I have been able to solve the problem:
Download the MQA Tag Restorer from here. Proceed as instructed.
The ripped MQA CD files now play at the correct speed in UAPP.

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