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USB Audio Player PRO not reading Album Artist tag for dsf file.
I have an album which is a compilation and the tracks are .dsf files. Both tags, 'ALBUM ARTIST' and 'ALBUMARTIST' have the value Various Artists. However, USB Audio Player PRO is not reading either of these tags and is assigning the value of the 'ARTIST' tag in the first track to Album Artist. For most of my DSD collection, the Album Artist = Artist, so this problem does not arise for those.

I also have another compilation album consisting of .flac files, where the tags 'ALBUM ARTIST' and 'ALBUMARTIST' have the value Various Artists. Surprisingly, USB Audio Player PRO is able to correctly read the tags an assign Various Artists as the Album Artist in this case.   (Vorbis Comments vs ID3 tags?)

Would you please have a look at dsf files where the Album Artist is different than the Artist?  Thank you!
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For me .dsf tagging works well.. I use mp3tag.

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(01-27-2019, 09:14 PM)pravin Wrote: For me .dsf tagging works well.. I use mp3tag.

I also use mp3tag.  Do you have a situation that I have described, ie. a dsf file where the ALBUM ARTIST tag has a different value then the ARTIST tag?

I did check the same file with HF Player, and that app reads the ALBUM ARTIST tag correctly, but not USB Audio Player PRO.

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