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IR loader for speaker sim
Hi, I saw you guys had a speaker sim plugin available, but it only offers a handful of built-in options. It would be great if this was expanded to include a full-on IR loader. There really aren’t any of these available on iOS and Android, even all the standalone amp sims require you to use their built-in speaker sims, so having an IR loader in a DAW would be immensely useful. Thanks!

I have also requested this a long time ago... on this thread: Impulse responses.

maybe i didn't express it correctly by that time.

Also actually there are 2 apps for android that i know for loading and handling IR but those are for processing audio output only Viper4AndroidFX(closed sources) and JamesDSPManager(opensource, here:

i tested both for loading a personal IR for guitar cabinet sim that ive used on desktop Daws, and it works as expected but of course only audio out, so i have recorded a track and just played it on a regular music app for testing.

If Audio Evolution Mobile implements this, i could finally drop desktop Daws.  : D

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