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samsung S8 exynos resampling
hi all
just want to clarify the notes on the high res driver regarding exynos samsung S series (S8 specifically)
As per your help page here:

"Exynos variants all resample to 192000Hz. Even Samsung Music resamples DSD to 192000Hz."?

What is meant exactly by this? I.e. when does this happen? When any player uses the internal DAC? Even when the high res driver accesses the DAC?

What are the consequences? Does it just stop bit perfect playback?

Does this still happen with Android Pie?

Are you aware of any audio changes with Pie (e..g maybe the android audio driver is improved)?


All audio is always resampled to 192kHz, no matter what.
(03-24-2019, 12:37 PM)dwrae Wrote: All audio is always resampled to 192kHz, no matter what.

What about on pass-through to an external DAC?

What happens if I for example root and flash new rom?

thanks btw for the reply and sorry for slow response. I thought i'd subscribed to the thread.


Of course, if you use our custom USB audio driver with a USB DAC, then this does not apply.
Isn't it related to audio UHD scaler? Have you tried this with medium power saving enabled?

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