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Trouble using UAPP with genres
I am having issues with UAPP and genres that I am hoping I could get some help with:

1) If I click on the "Genres" tab in the Library, and select a genre, UAPP lists only albums (within that genre) but not individual tracks.  Therefore I can't see any of my music that is not associated with an album.

2) Some albums (as I cannot see individual songs as described in #1 above) listed when I click on a genre contain songs of the genre of interest as well as other genres.  However, there are some albums which similarly contain a mix of genres which will fail to populate on the list when I click the genre.

3) In trying to play music within a genre, I have tried clearing the queue, clicking on the 3 dots next to the genre of interest and clicking on "Add to queue."  However, when I view the queue, it contains some music from other genres as well.  I believe this is somehow linked to the issue of UAPP "reading?" genres as albums instead of individual songs (for my lack of a better way of describing this as I am a layperson).  This is because I've noticed that the songs of genres which are different than the one I selected to queue are within the same album as the songs of the genre I selected.  I therefore believe that UAPP is pulling all songs from within an entire album into the queue if even only one song in the album is within the genre I selected.  Then there is also the exception of #2 above, where SOME albums which contain mixed genres will not populate on the list, and gets excluded from the queue altogether.

FYI, I have checked all my metadata tags using Mp3tag to ensure consistency, and they are all under ID3v2.3 without any other info within other tag formats (I have noticed in the past that there would be issues with UAPP and songs having multiple tag formats, and had removed them accordingly).

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