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Tidal playback while driving
Playing Tidal tracks via UAAP works great while driving apart from when I lose mobile signal / mobile data, this happens for 10 to 20 seconds on a couple of black spots during my commute to work. 

The problem is UAAP seems to really struggle to cope with this, if left untouched it seems to take minutes to carry on playing audio if I start to try to skip to the next track this also seems slow to respond, yesterday I had the UI showing totally the wrong track art versus what was being played most likely because I was just trying to get audio to start playing again by selecting the next track.

So at least ideally the next track should totally quit what was being played and try to load the next track, it's not my phone because I've been using the Tidal application for years and this copes well with loss of mobile signal i.e. as soon as the mobile signal returns audio continues.

This is android version 9.0 and a new ish phone / reasonably powerful hardware.

So it would be great if the above could be improved on / fixed but to be honest I'll still use UAPP and recommend it simply because of the fantastic audio quality it produces from my DAC in comparison to the default andriod audio, great product overall !!
The app tries to reconnect in that situation. Since the connection is already bad, this takes quite a while to 'survive'.

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