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FiiO M11 APK availability
(10-30-2019, 04:56 AM)bgm92x Wrote: I would pay 40 euro for a standalone version!
I agree with the arguments given by.

It is incredible that they do not give the effort to find a solution to support the thousands of users who have a DAP that does not support Google Play Store.

Regarding payment methods, there is Paypal as an alternative to buy a complementary license that could be validated with a single email, a system that uses Poweramp without problems.

On the other hand, if you have not noticed, your app is already pirated on the Web and works without problems on cell phones that have access to the Play Store.

Personally I bought your app in the Play Store and I would have no problem paying more for an app that will work on my Fiio M11 Pro. If you have not analyzed it, DAP owners are consumers who were able to disburse hundreds of dollars in one device dedicated to audiophiles. Disbursing some additional money to get the most out of our DAP is not a big problem and I think it opens a market that does not really have a future in the cell phone, since the characteristics of any cell phone for a high fidelity music application not worth it. Cell phones have better possibilities with other free applications instead of yours.
But that's exaclty the problem: there are not thousands, there are tens, perhaps hundreds of customers. Only old versions of the app are pirated.
Fiio just released a patch for the Fiio M11/M11 Pro/M15 firmware, which enables Play Store functionality now, so all good.
The task now is to get UAPP to recognise the internal DACs in these devices (2 x AK4493 for M11, 2 x AK4497 for M11 Pro) and bring them into effective action so the ruinous Android SRC can be kept at bay.

I recall Davy saying somewhere (Head-fi?) he has one such device, so I presume he's already working on it. I'm hopeful we'll have a solution soon, fingers crossed.
How do you run GooglePlay in M11 ? it doesnt install in mine through APKpure ?
Please refer to this post by Fiio:

And this one by Davy:

Really pleased to see things finally moving forward and how quickly it's happened.
We have added support and sent FiiO the information to fix the Play Store issue. What they do with the latter is up to them. The next release 5.4.8 will include the FiiO M11/M15 support, but you would need to ask us for a link to the apk.

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