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Android Auto?
So glad I came across this app and all it's great features! My primary purpose for the app is to stream lossless music in my cars that have Android Auto. I've found that if I use "AnyAutoAudio" from XDA Labs I can get USB Audio Player to mostly function through my head unit but it's not completely seamless.

Has there been any thought to adding Android Auto compatibility to the app? It's great to have the parametric EQ to tune a stock audio system, I can finally "de-Bose" my Bose tuned audio system!

We have looked into it again this week: it's an incredible amount of work without any gain in audio quality
Thanks for at least considering the option. I can see where the pay off would be low since current headunits with AA only support 16/44.1 streams. For me the huge sound quality improvement comes from the ability to use the Tonebooster EQ with AA on an OEM audio system. Also for steaming apps like Qobuz where AA hasn't been implemented.

Hopefully this is something that can be included in the future, at least for now I have a work around. Thanks!

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