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my wish list here for loop record +++
My wish list is
1-Loop Record
I would love to see loop record Biggrin  like i see in Pro Tools, anything as close to the pro tools audio functions is top notch..

2-Pop up menu of Aux-Bus sends by Clicking on the channel in both the main window and mixer (this will prevent us from having to swipe through windows to adjust the sends of one channel to the busses while having either the main or console windows in view for peeks.

3-Drag-Copy (remote Copy) a loop with use of snap to grid so i repeats perfectly.

Virtual copy a loop in grid mode across a section of a song of VO

4-Resizable virtual midi keyboard so we can also see the regions while recording.

5-Possibility to select audio or midi regions and resize them to fit the grid or desired length in arrange-edit and in real time, Time Stretch to tempo
7-Possibility to change the pitch of a audio like midi in real time in the arrange-edit window,
I understand that some developers paid licenses to use elastic time stretch etc, im not sure how this would work.

8-Possibility to choose the default size of the currently selected track so its enlarged during tedious editing.
Logic Pro has this feature and the user can also shut this on and off.
Hope this helps

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