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A few suggestions
Great app!  Nice to get actual digital data out to my DAC instead of some pre-mangled version like with most other players.  I have a few humble suggestions:

1) When you have more than one album by a group then you get shown a list of albums when you click on the artist.  Included with each album is a menu icon (...) which includes the delete option.  I copy stuff onto my phone and delete it when I've heard it so this is handy. But when you only have one album by a group then clicking on the group takes you straight into the track listing.  I don't really like this as it's inconsistent but what's worse is that the only way to delete the album is to delete the track individually - there's no 'delete all' option for a single album.  I guess the right place for it would be as a context option for the group name on the main list of groups.

2) Library management is a little confusing.  I can add folders easily enough; suppose I have a 'flac' folder on both the sd card and another on the phone's internal storage.  It scans it just fine.  But my use case is copying files onto the phone and then deleting them when i'm done with them, so I need a way of updating the library. It seems the option is to select 'scan' from the ... icon at the the top right of the library screen. This option - as well as putting two equalizer icons at the top of the screen - gives me the choice of 'automatic' or 'manual'.  Clicking 'automatic' prompts for 'internal' and 'sd card' or 'advanced' or 'scan'.  Whatever I click on, I don't see my previous selection, and it looks like this will scan everything on those locations, not just the folders I previously selected as my library, or lets me choose the folders again.   Clicking on the manual option also lets me choose the folders again.  Perhaps a simple 'rescan' option would be a good idea here?

3) Bluetooth headset control. On my Sony wh ch700n I can pause/unpause music with a button and i can skip forwards/backwards with a toggle.  On another music player I can instead use the toggle as a volume control.  I wonder if UAPP can be changed to allow this functionality, or to just ignore the toggle?  Not a big deal but annoying if you press it by mistake.

4) Perhaps not a UAPP problem but my phone (Honor Play) uses a lot of battery when connected to my DAC, and says it's reverse charging the connected device.  I try and change the mode to 'transfer photos' or 'charge only' or whatever but they all switch back to 'reverse charge' immediately.  Is there anything I can do about this?

5) I never use album art.  Maybe provide a way of disabling it all everywhere?

6) On the track view for an album there's not need to display the artist and album under each track. I guess this is done for consistency for when you have a playlist?  Also no need for artist name under the individual albums in album view.

7) Display the length of an album on the album view (another reason for having an album view screen for artists where you only have a single album - see point 1!)

I also "me two"d a suggestion elsewhere to display "The Beatles" as "Beatles, The" etc.

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