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File Size / Folder Structure / USB Audio Recorder PRO
I posted this in the USB Audio Recorder PRO forum but it's unclear if anyone responds there.  Hoping that someone from Extream reads this and provides some advice.  Thanks. Kenneth

* * *

Hi there,

Saw a similar topic in another folder, but that discussion wasn't fully relevant to my case.

Using USB Audio Recorder PRO on a Nexus 7 with a Centrance MicPort Pro to record a single channel of mono audio at 24bit/96kHz.  Most often, I'll be using this to record programs between 75 and 105 minutes.

After a little over an hour the file eclipses the 1GB mark and subsequently gets split into 2 files.

Preferably, it would be better for me to record a file up to 2GB.  Would be much simpler for my workflow to transfer one file after recording.

After recording, within the USB Audio Recorder PRO app each of the split files appears in the recording folder and can be loaded back from the playlist proving the files exist and are playable.

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=2]    

However, when using Android File Transfer on Mac OS to access the record folder for drag and drop transfer to my laptop only the first 1GB file appears.  The second split file is nowhere to be found.

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=4]    

I tried renaming the file just to see if that would make it appear, but it didn't.

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=3]    

I guess, two questions then.

1) Is there anyway to change USB Audio Recorder PRO to record larger files, say 2GB, before splitting?

2) Is there a way to make all of the files (once split) appear in the folder structure outside of the app itself so that I can drag and drop from Android File Transfer?

Thanks, Kenneth
Sorry for the late reply.

1) No, unfortunately not
2) The second file is probably not scanned by Android's media scanner. You could zip the 2 files up with the compress function of ES File Explorer for example, then it will probably show up, or use a media scanner tool to update the file system.

Of course we need to fix this problem, but this might be an intermediate solution.
Hi, you can try another android file transfer alternative. See how to view text messages on computer

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