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Qobuz offline
It would be great to have a buffer much larger than 30 seconds.  For example 2 hours.  It’s good to be able to save music to listen offline.  Maybe this will require permission from the streaming service.  But that would be a very valuable opportunity.
We are not allowed to.
Is there any way to connect the output from Qobuz with a player that uses the internal high-res output of the phone? The player can use the built-in dac.  A Qobuz application is more convenient in some moments.  Is it possible to connect them usingn't a external DAC?  To let the Qobuz play using the internal DAC?
The application for the computer Audirvana loads the entire track into the buffer. Does Qobuz really limit the buffering of tracks for android devices?
Came here looking to see if this feature was available.
We are not allowed to.

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