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Problem with Artwork

I'm having a problem with the artwork in my UAPP or even my music that I cannot solve.. the thing is some months ago I was playing around with the library options in the app and I'm not sure how or why, my whole music without artwork was stamped with one from another artist that I have a JPG with artwork, the thing is since then, every single song/artist/album that doesn't have its own artwork was replaced with that artist artwork mentioned before, what I've tried so far with no success:

- Re-installed UAPP
- Removed my music from the SD card and re-copied from my NAS (even fully removed that artist artwork from the SD card)
- Phone factory reset
- Tried in another phone that I bought, in this case that "persistent" artwork was the first to show and 1 second later the JPG from the corresponding artist was stamped
- Tried with the same music using another music app, the persistent artwork was not present
- Checked with dbPoweramp for a potential artwork cached, nothing..

It seems that somehow the artwork is not even cached or something, I cannot really understand why I cannot remove such persistent artwork!, it seems to be linked with my google account and UAPP, I have no clue... (that's the theory behind due to I got that persistent artwork in a brand new phone!)

Any clue here how to get rid of it, it will be really appreciated!
Can you please go into the app's settings, Library and uncheck 'Android DB album art' and re-scan. Please let me know if that helps.
Hi, I just tried but no luck... and I'm trying a brand new device (iBasso DX160), still the same issue..

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