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Multiple midi devices....
So is it possible to use (with a hub) multiple midi devices simutaneously such as the Korg nano devices?  Was thinking about possibly getting the nano keys and nano pads. I know they make the new nanoKEY studio and control studio now but I kind of like being able to separate for space if necessary.  

I was really hoping to be able to have the keys on a synth track and the pads on a drum track in the same project possible being able to go between the two.
So has anyone used any of the nano devices with AEM?
I also saw the Behringer X touch mini and really liked the idea of rotory controls with leds that automatically change when the control is changed so you don't ever have to worry about the faders being in the wrong position. Doesn't look like it banks though so.....but my Galaxy Tab S2 probably wouldn't handle more than 8 tracks with sends and groups. But it would be nice to use it on my laptop with Reaper also.

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