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Morphlt - Activation - Multiusage
Hello all,

when i chooose a certain headphone in morphlt and as a target a different one, the sound signature changes. But when i choose a headphone and the same headphone as target (want to test headphones in a shop tomorrow),  it sounds the same. Do i do something wrong?

Uapp asks me sometimes to activate mobile data, otherwise it don´t want to run. How to turn that off?

Can i use uapp on different phones somehow? I bought it once in google playstore.
No, that's exactly what is expected. The source and target curves are equal, so nothing should happen.

After a successful online validation after 24 hours of first running the app, the app can be used offline.

If you use the same account as you used to purchase the app with, you can install it again without purchasing on your new device by downloading it from the Play Store. Do not restore from a backup from another device, this won't work!). If you copied apps from your old device to the new device, the app won't start, so you would need to uninstall the app and install it from the Play Store again.

If the Play Store asks to pay again please go to Android Settings -> Accounts, select your Google account and in the menu choose to 'Sync now' and wait for the sync to end. Then try again. If that does not work, please try after restarting your Android device.

Failing all that, please go into Android settings, Apps, and clear the data for the apps Google Play Services and Google Play Store.

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