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iRig UA playback
Just bought AEM and love it, however I'm having issues. I am using a Nexus 9 tablet and the iRig UA. First, I launch the Amplitude software for my iRig to get the right sound, then I launch Audio Evolution Mobile.

Next, I import a backing track mp3. When I play it, it sounds fine and I can hear the mp3 and my guitar through the iRig headphone jack. The problem occurs when I hit record to lay down a new track. The playback of the mp3 sounds all distorted and choppy, while my guitar sounds fine during recording. In other words, it's hard to make out the non-armed tracks since they sound very distorted and choppy while recording. However, when done recording and I hit play, everything sounds fine, so it recorded properly.

I can't figure out how to be able to record multiple tracks while being able to hear the non-armed tracks cleanly. Needless to say, this makes recording very difficult.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

We have heard of that problem before and the issue may be with IK, but could you please do the following:

* Start the app
* Go into the Preferences (More->Preferences or More->Options->Preferences depending on your device), scroll down to Logging and set it to 'Log to file'.
* Exit the app
* Restart your Android device with the iRig UA connected.

* Launch Amplitude and set it up
* Launch AEM
* Make the problem happen
* Exit the app
* Please send the log file AELog.txt that is placed in your AudioEvolution directory to
There are two different problems, i think. I have a samsung Tab S2 ,using an IRig UA. With Irig,there is the problem, you have to start irig app first, before using AE. Otherwise, you will have problems with playback and don't have guitar effects. .....but the problem with backing tracks, other user with other devices reports them also. They said, it is always needed to record one or two seconds of an audio track before importing a backing track, then everything is OK. ....maybe a problem with sample rate? Don't know, that's just what users report. .....i will retry it on my device and report. ...
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