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Mini control surfaces
Is there ever going to be support for any of these....Behringer X touch mini, Korg nanocontrol?  These mini controllers seem to be a perfect fit for AEM. Why no love? lol
You can already by choosing 'MIDI remote setup' from the More menu.
(12-28-2019, 12:18 PM)dwrae Wrote: You can already by choosing 'MIDI remote setup' from the More menu.
Thanks dwrae!  I saw that after I got my Xtouch mini.... so it shows the nano kontrol2 and bcf 2000 but when I add the Xtouch mini I get nothing in midi mode or MC mode. Am I missing something or Is there no universal midi implementation of it or even MC mode that would just work basic transport and track controls across devices?
So any other input Dwrae?  Would really love to get this thing working in AEM....sadly I know nothing about programming/coding but if it works with the NanoKontrol I would think the X touch mini should work as well.
Well, you have to assign the CC's to the command/controls you want. Did you do that? Did the 'MIDI listen' function work (activating a text box and moving a control on your MIDI device)?
Should I be in MC mode or Midi mode?  They both only read the encoders, just puts out different cc#'s, but neither one actually moves the faders. The buttons aren't recognized at all.....none of them. It has an actual master fader and when I use it when using the learn function on the track it sets the cc# but also does not move the fader.
Also I didn't see a way to use the learn function per track, not sure if maybe I missed something....very well could be the case.   Confused
The learn function is not really per track. You set it for the first track and then determine by the selection between 'Increasing channel' or 'Increasing CC' what the other tracks should react to. Since we cannot handle deeper support here, we suggest contacting us at

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