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how to play all songs for single Artist?
I'm having trouble  trying to do something that should be very easy.
I'd like to easily add all Songs for a single Artist to my Queue.
However, I have many songs on compilation albums (soundtracks, mix tapes, etc)
If I'm in Library view on Artists tab, and I select an Artist that is on a compilation album, then All songs by ALL artists from the compilation album are placed in the Queue. This seems wrong - I would expect that only songs from the Artist that I selected would be placed in the Queue.
For example, if I have 1 Donovan Frankenreiter song in my Library, on an album called Mix Album 008, which has 3 other songs by different artists, and I go to the Library\Artists and click on the 3 dots at right of Donovan Frankenreiter and select Add To Queue, I should just get the 1 Frankenreiter song in my queue. But I end up getting 4 songs in my queue (all 4 songs from Mix Album 008, including Frankenreiter plus the other 3 artists).
Am I doing something wrong? Is there another way to select all songs for a single Artist? Is this a bug? Or should a new feature be requested?

USB Audio Player Pro v5.3.8 on Samsung S10
Artist is not a filter. If it would be, then you would only see tracks from that artist when you open the album, which would not be what many people want, so I'm afraid it cannot be done.

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