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Airplay/Chromecast - STREAMING! well done tidal streamer from android device!
Hello !
Thank you for the great software you've made.
I have a simple idea to make it better and how to extend a current number of users.

Pls, add Airplay (endpoint) support.
It will allow using the android phone with usb audio player pro and external DAC as a good network streamer.
we all know that Airplay supports only 16/44 but it's ok for streaming CD's from the native Tidal app from iPhone or another android device  which is definitely useful. More to this it allows using another phone as a remote control no need to use any cables!

Also, other protocols will be nice to support. if it's a big problem with the Airplay.
For example
- Сhromeacst (DLNA) render (also should be supported by Tidal app)
- DLNA / SmB v2
- OpenHome (it's free and supports playlists)

As I know FiiO players supports Airplay Endpoint
So I believe it's shouldn't be a big problem for you. (You already made Upnp support) 
But the main point is -  adding Airplay / Chromcast renders support will allow to make an android phone with UAPPro installed as a great streamer.
An alternative way is to buy standalone steamers but what for ? everybody has a lot of android phones which are wating a time to become good hifi streamers :)
I would also love a "Play To" feature.

Would even be willing to pay for it.

At the moment I have to use BubbleUPNP to Play to external network devices.
I would just love to use this app.

Play To
-Internal DAC
-External DAC
- Chromecast
- Apple TV
- UPnP Player
- etc

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