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Playlist Problem - Add to tidal playlist option broken
Hey folks, thanks for the view. I'm having an issue where uapp won't allow me to update my existing tidal playlists, only giving me the option to create a new PL.  Please see photos.

I've un/reinstalled both Tidal and Uapp to no avail. The app will allow me to create a uapp PL and add to that. But the option to add to Tidal PLs isn't functioning. Any thoughts? 

P. S. strangely enough I'm having the same issue in my tidal app but their support team has failed to find a solution as of yet - issue possibly linked?

Running uapp on samsung note 8 sm-n950u (no root)


UPDATE: Turns out this issue was stemming from the Tidal app, more specifically it applies to playlists imported into Tidal from Soundiiz playlist converter.

1. Go to Soundiiz imported playlist in Tidal (they list 'user' as author) - click 3 circles next to track
2. Click 'Add to Playlist'
3. Click 'create new playlist'
4. Name of soundiiz imported playlist should pop up
5. Click create

This should create a duplicate playlist this time showing author as "Me"
6. Delete playlist with author name 'user'
7. Repeat for all playlists

Far from ideal but this workaround will fix your playlist issues in Tidal and Uapp by extension if you use Soundiiz to import playlists from other services (ie Spotify).

Hopefully Tidal will fix this in an update since they recommend soundiiz to import playlists, but for now this works.

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