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Network player stopping playback at end of each track
Hi, everybody,
I have been using the USB Audio Player PRO since yesterday.
And already asking.

On the PC I use Audirvana for Windows and send the music via UPNP to the iBasso DX160 which almost works!
Only one track is played although the playlist is full.
Audirvana simply stops playing the next track, the display simply stops at 00:00.

Via Neutron Player as test works.
In the settings of USB Audio Player PRO I can't see anything that could be wrong!
There are probably some problems under UPNP but I can't find on which side the problem is,
Neuton Audioplayer works and USB Audio Player PRO does not!

Link to what I found from Audirvana.

Regards Rudi
Does Audirvana have a gapless option? This usually solves the issue when using apps like BubbleUPnP for instance.
No this does not solve my problem because I use Audirvana! But that doesn't matter now, because the iBasso DX160 is defective and will be replaced by a Fiio M11 and therefore UAPP doesn't work anymore!
Too bad

Just as a hint that it is due to UAPP, the Neutron Player works fine and everything is played there.
Don't stop the playback.

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