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Browse library by folders
Could the ability to browse the library by folder be added please?

I know you can browse via Recent, Artist, Album Artist, Album, Playlists, Tracks, Genres and Composers, obviously tag based. I have my music organised into folders of artist and albums in subfolders and using other music players such as VLC, Subsonic etc. have been easily able to browse my library. I appreciate that some of my tags are wrong, depending on when my CD collection was ripped and in order to make broswing my library easier I'm faced with editing thousands of tags! Just the addition of this one feature could make life easier.

I know that I can browse by folder from the main menu but this means that I have to browse to my music folders from the root directory every time I open the app, maybe the ability to add 'favourite' folders from here would achieve the same result?
The app remembers the folder you have selected in Folders, even when exiting the app. We use this all the time.
I've actually mass edited my tags now (14,000+), but thanks for the tip!

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