Stage Assistant

This app is your friend on stage! It allows you to set up a database with your songs and organize them into set lists and performances. On stage, the app will display the information you entered for each song, like preset numbers, chord schemes or song texts. If you connect a USB MIDI interface and MIDI controller to your Android device, you can switch between songs using MIDI control changes
Add a song to the song database, and enter its name, artist, settings (for example for displaying preset numbers), BPM (to get a visual indication of tempo) and a big Notes section to enter song texts or chord schemes or anything that helps you get through the song!
Then add your song to one or more sets and finally add one or more sets to a performance.
When on stage, select your performance and go into Live mode. The songs from the set lists in the performance will be displayed in sequence. You can either manually press 'Next song' to go through the set list or assign a MIDI controller change to the 'Next song' button so you can jump to the next song by using your foot with a MIDI remote controller.

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